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Movie Review – Incredible True Adventures of Two Girls Inlove

Incredible Adventures if Two Girls Inlove

The story of two girls, Randy and Evie. Randy is a low economic class lesbian living with other lesbians including her aunt. Evie is a wealthy, popular girl with a boyfriend. When Evie befriends Randy, she begins to feel a passion for her she’s never felt before. What follows is a sweet, tender romance between the two while Evie is cast away by her friends and Randy is chided by her family. The two don’t care, though, because they are in love.

Last night I saw this movie in the HBO channel and it was incredibly funny. I laughed so much when her mom came home and found the two girls in bed. I never thought it would be this funny. The movie reminded me about when I first met my gf and how we got to know each other. We met online and got to know each other and we decided to meet offline for the first time. We met at a mall with my grandmother,mom and her aunt, cousin. We were both shy and nervous, but when we first hold hands, we had an instant connection. I don’t know, its unexplainable, its like we’ve hold hands before.She is my first gf, so I can relate to Evie(The co-main character in the movie).


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