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Movie Review – Brown Sugar

This romantic comedy, described as an African-American When Harry Met Sally…, centers on a romance between an A&R exec, Dre (Diggs), at a hip-hop label and a magazine editor, Sidney (Lathan), who have known each other since childhood. (Latifah plays Lathan’s best friend. They find themselves drifting towards being more than friends, even as Dre is engaged (to Parker), and Sidney starts being wooed by a handsome basketball player (Kodjoe).

Summary written by PhatBleek

Sidney is a writer who’s just left her L.A. Times music review gig to edit New York hip-hop magazine XXL. Dre is an executive with a hip-hop record company based in New York. They’ve known each other since they met as children, when both discovered hip-hop for the first time. Now that they’re back together, they should be perfect for each other, except that Dre’s about to marry lawyer Reese and Sidney claims not to be interested in Dre romantically. Meanwhile, Dre is growing increasingly restless with his company’s focus on profit over artistry, which leads to signing the gimmicky duo Ren and Ten while ignoring the talented Chris.

Summary written by Jon Reeves {jreeves@imdb.com}


My gf and I watched this movie last night it was cool and I recogmend men it to poeple who love hip hop and love. The plot summary of the movie is posted above. Two summaries written by PhatBleek and Jon Reeves, I would but I missed some parts I was a bit busy. This movie is real cool, it also gives a message to the hip hop communtiy “keep it real”.

In the movie Sidney asked “When did you feel inlove with hip hop?” My answer would be I was 9 years old and heard it over the radio in my parents house (I lived with my grandmother). I would like to ask a few poeple the same question.

When did you fall inlove with Hip Hop?


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