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Things About Me – The Spice Girls Fan

When i was younger and, I guess, I still do love them and their music, my friends Olga, Josie and a few others wee like them. Their “girl power”, the music everything. My 2 old best friends Olga, Josie and I were the popular girls and the biggest spice girls fan in the whole school. I miss those days kinda, hanging out with them, We became popular after the 3 of us met in 7th grade and all through 8th grade, everyone wanted to be our friends, but we like poeple wh didn’t try to be friends and the ones poeple thing are geeky or strange or ignored or left out, we use to bring them in our group and the girls, we all became great friends. I wonder where they are now? What are they doing?

Which Spice Girls Personality Do You Resemble?

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One comment on “Things About Me – The Spice Girls Fan

  1. I randomly listened to 2 become 1 the other day – it brought back some memories …

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