First Post

Well this is my first post, I'm excited. Let's see, alot has been going on. My gf of 1 year and 8 months broke up with me, I've been trying to do these Bead Buddies, and pay my bills. Get's lonely here at times, I wish I can some friends. I'm writing but I got stuck. I want to write a horror story but I donno what kind of horror story or where to start. I was thinking about trying with urban legends but I read a few stories that groused me out.
Hmmm, still pondering.


3 comments on “First Post

  1. Keep writting…it always makes me feel better. When you get stuck…open a drawer you normally don’t open pick up an object and just write about it. That’s something I do when I get stuck. Silly yes….but can be fun.

  2. Hmm… how about that second post?

  3. Just try something out of your life that you can twist up and add a horror spin, psycho, killer, legend, myth, etc.

    Try anything you want!

    Good Luck!


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