I feel alone, my best friend and also ex-gf doesn't talk to me much, Im pretty sure she hates me. My grandmother is dead, I miss her like hell, life would be much simplier. My mom is reading books like crazy and won't pay attention to anything else, not even me. My realter that is selling my house, right now is tell me I gotta pay so many amount of bills and stuff, preassure. Meanwhile, I have loads of bills to pay. Life is tough. At times, I wish I can just go and leave and never come back. I wish I had an easier life but it doesn't get any easier.


2 comments on “Alone

  1. hey – there is always tomorrow – sounds corney and silly, but there is – keep on hanging in there, and that in itself will make it better

  2. I know this post is well after the original but I wanted to tell you that there is always hope for tomorrow. I hope your writing block is lifted and you can use writing as an outlet for your thoughts. I know I use writing as a way to exspress myself and to live a better life through the storys I tell. And on th esubjuct of your girl friend leaving you… its probally for the best. The only relations ships that will every last and satisfy your need for companionship are the ones where both sides fit together like a completed puzzle. You will find that person someday when you are ready to have a real relationship.

    Keep your head looking up and everything will work out, remember someone loves you.

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