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*New* Mitsumi® 54x32x54 Internal CD-RW Drive

This Listing is not part of Ocean Designs but we have listed a *New* MITSUMI® 54X32X54 INTERNAL CD-RW DRIVE. See listing on ebay for more details. Take a look…


  1. The Mitsumi CR-485GTE 54x32x54 CD-RW drive with Aegis Write technology assures better burning results at high speed avoiding wasted discs and wasted time.
  2. The integrated MITSUMI Aegis Write technology, the protective shield for the best burning results, is one of the numerous features of this 54x speed Ultraspeed ReWriter.
  3. Aegis Write oversees and optimizes the laser strength due to its numerous functions (WPC technology), checks the burn speed and conducts quality checks during the burning process to ensure safe burns.
  4. Use your CR-485 just like an additional hard drive, without long formatting or deleting of the CD-RW: just drag your data to the disk drive letter of the CD-ReWriter and you are finished.
  5. Works with Windows 98SE/2000, Windows Millennium Edition, and the Windows XP Home and Professional operating systems.
  6. The included NTI CD Maker® software suite makes backing up your system or burning your favorite pictures, movies and MP3s a snap.
  7. Specifications:
  • Cache Size: 2 MB
  • CD Write Speed: 54x
  • CD Rewrite Speed: 32x
  • CD Read Speed: 54x
  • Color: Silver
  • Interface Type: E-IDE
  • Dimensions: 7″ L x 5-3/4″ W x 1-5/8″ H

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