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Movie Review: Loving Annabel

  (Disclaimer: Remember all rights are reserved to and people who write these plot infos.)  My gf and I saw this movie together and its real cool. Its bout student loving a teacher. At one point in our lives we all had crushes on teachers, but in this movie the teacher crushes back. Its a spiral […]

I Do Believe In Fairies, I Do, I Do……. « Create Reality

I do believe in fairies, I do, I do……. « Create Reality A good post I found just browsing on wordpress. Check it out it has great pointers and includes my Fave Movie. Also inspirational post I got from that post in Create Reality blog. If you actually think about it. Wouldn’t It be better if you […]

Movie Review – Brown Sugar

This romantic comedy, described as an African-American When Harry Met Sally…, centers on a romance between an A&R exec, Dre (Diggs), at a hip-hop label and a magazine editor, Sidney (Lathan), who have known each other since childhood. (Latifah plays Lathan's best friend. They find themselves drifting towards being more than friends, even as Dre […]

Movie Review – Incredible True Adventures of Two Girls Inlove

Incredible Adventures if Two Girls Inlove The story of two girls, Randy and Evie. Randy is a low economic class lesbian living with other lesbians including her aunt. Evie is a wealthy, popular girl with a boyfriend. When Evie befriends Randy, she begins to feel a passion for her she's never felt before. What follows […]